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Verizon Confirms Purchase Of Intel’s Internet Television Business


Verizon has agreed to buy Intel’s Internet television business, the business division responsible for developing Cloud TV products and services, the two companies have confirmed.It has been almost one year after Intel first confirmed it was building an Internet TV service featuring a camera-sporting set-top box.

Verizon will use its newly acquired TV technology to provide streaming video to both its 4G wireless network and to customers on its FiOS fiber-optic home broadband service.

The price paid for its new Intel TV technology has not been disclosed but reports have rumoured the price to be between $200 million to $500 million, with the value of the Intel TV business to be around $300 million.

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Amazon Anticipatory Shipping


Amazon recently patented a new system that will help the retailer create predictive models to accurately forecast where an item will need to ship. Calling the system “anticipatory shipping,” Amazon will collectively compile data such as product searches, page visits, wish list items, order history, overall time on page, items left in the shopping cart and return history to pre-ship items to closer warehouse locations or even directly to the eventual recipient. Amazon even plans to measure the length of time that a user’s mouse cursor hovers over an item in order to predict an upcoming purchase.

Within the patent, Amazon doesn’t specify how much time this will shave off a typical order. However, if items are always located at the nearest hub, it’s possible that customers will be able to receive their items by the following day or perhaps on the same-day. By increasing the number of items that are available for same-day delivery, this could help Amazon make Prime memberships even more attractive.

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Intel’s Bay Trail chip arriving on Android tablets in Q2


PC makers launched the first Windows tablets and notebooks powered by Intel Bay Trail processors in late 2013. Next up, it will come to Android tablets in the second quarter, CEO Brian Krzanich said Thursday during a quarterly earnings conference call with analysts.

Most of the Bay Trail Android tablets really start showing up more in Q2…remember we made a shift, the original program for Bay Trail was all Windows,” he said during Intel’s fourth-quarter earnings conference call.

He went on to explain that there was a shift mid-stream to Android, thus the delay in Bay Trail Android tablets.

During the conference call, Krzanich also talked about the advantages of its 64-bit chips when responding to an analyst’s question (transcript courtesy of Seeking Alpha). Android today is a 32-bit platform.

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LG Display unveils first Intel WiDi enabled LCD

LG Display remains at the forefront of things yet again, as the company has just announced that they have successfully developed the world’s first LCD panel for monitors that will boast of the Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) technology, which obviously is a project that was performed in collaboration with Intel Corporation. This happens to be a spanking new 23.8-inch LCD panel that would be the most recent improvement which empowers users with the ability to stream wirelessly their laptop and desktop content to their TVs as well as monitors in a far more seamless manner.

LG has partnered up with Intel on this one, the WiDi tech is built-in using a key chipset integrated directly in the LCD panel. The interesting thing here is that LG will also facilitate OEMs and other monitor manufacturers with the new tech. WiDi enabled devices are fairly hard to come by in today’s marketplace, but by offering the tech up “nimbly” and in a cost effective way, LG will allow for other monitor companies to adopt the tech much sooner and easier than they may have anyway.

“LG Display’s latest development brings us closer to the N-Screen era,” said Sang-Yeol Kim, Vice President of LG Display’s IT and Mobile Product Planning Division. “Through our close collaboration with Intel Corporation, we look forward to pioneering the age of wireless devices with our global partners.”

LG Display’s 23.8-inch Intel WiDi solution-enabled LCD panel will debut at the 2013 Intel Developer Forum (IDF13 San Francisco) taking place September 10-12 in San Francisco.

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Microsoft buys Nokia’s handset unit for $7.2bn

Microsoft announced on Monday that it will acquire Nokia’s devices and services unit in a bid to boost the tech giant’s Windows ecosystem.

The Redmond giant said in a statement that the deal will close in 2014 pending regulatory approval. CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer, who announced his retirement in August, called the deal a “win-win” for employees, shareholders, and consumers.

Microsoft is spending roughly $5 billion on Nokia’s devices and services unit, using offshore cash reserves to prevent impacting shareholders. Microsoft will make available to Nokia about $1.97bn in financing in form of three payments of $659m from oversees resources.

Nokia chief executive Stephen Elop will lead the Nokia division under the leadership of CEO Steve Ballmer, who is due to retire next year.

In order for Microsoft to press ahead with its plans to become a device and services company, the deal may make sense — although critics believe that considering Nokia’s plummeting share price over the past five years, it may be a move which has come too late. Microsoft says that buying Nokia’s unit will “accelerate innovation” and “reduce friction going forward, boost the pace of innovation and improve marketing efficiency.”

In addition, $2.17 billion is being spent on Nokia’s patent portfolio, which includes 8,500 design and 30,000 utility patents.

Microsoft says that current licensing agreements with the Finnish firm result in a gross profit margin of less than $10 per Windows Phone shipped. Once the deal is finalized, the Redmond giant expects this margin to increase to at least $40 per smartphone.

Nokia accounted for 81.6 percent of Windows Phone shipments in Q2 2013. In addition, Microsoft says that the Windows Phone is outselling BlackBerry models in 34 markets, a year-on-year growth of 78 percent.

As part of the deal, 32,000 Nokia employees are expected to transfer to Microsoft, including 4,700 in Finland, where Nokia is based.

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LG Gallery 55EA8800 55-inch OLED TV looks like a framed picture

LG has revealed its latest OLED TV creation ahead of this week’s IFA tech show in Berlin.The TV is a 55-inch OLED set called the Gallery OLED TV 55EA8800. This TV certainly isn’t the first OLED set we’ve seen from LG, but it is the first to have the cool picture frame design. The screen features a very slim bezel and is mounted inside of what appears to be a picture frame.

That picture frame style isn’t only for looks, it also hides the Canvas Speaker 2.2 audio system. The slick frame also allows the TV to be wall mounted. Another cool feature to go along with the picture frame style is a special gallery mode that shows images of artwork on the television screen.

In terms of technology, as with LG’s previous consumer OLED TVs, the Gallery OLED TV uses a WRGB panel, which includes an extra white pixel in each cluster to enhance image performance and produce more vibrant colours.

The Gallery OLED TV will be available in Germany first when it goes on sale later this month. It will then be released in other markets around the globe.There’s no official word on pricing at this time, but as with any other OLED television it won’t be cheap. LG’s curved screen OLED TV cost almost $9000.

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Apple Acquires Swedish Firm AlgoTrim

Apple has acquired AlgoTrim, a Swedish startup that builds codecs and designs solutions that maximize performance of data, mobile imaging, video and computer graphics while minimizing memory requirements, according to a new report by Swedish emerging industry news service Rapidus . The helps Apple in terms of allowing it to build more efficient media deliver for mobile devices, that use less bandwidth while preserving quality.Techcrunch explains:

AlgoTrim deals in all kinds of data compression, and promised to deliver imaging solutions that would deliver “modern computational photography” to mobile devices. Computational photography essentially uses sensors, computing, actuators, intelligent lights and other components to go beyond the current limitations of digital photography, which is based primarily on its analog, film-based precedent. The basic idea is to provide much more accurate images, with sophisticated lighting and vastly improved rendering by straying away from a strictly 2D, pixel-based model of image representation.

In other words, an AlgoTrim acquisition could help Apple compete in image quality with more bulky, less-efficient but much higher quality solutions like Nokia’s PureView oversampling system. AlgoTrim technology could help your iPhone’s camera work better in low-light conditions, or more accurately capture the lighting in any given scene. Sounds like a smart acquisition to me.

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LG’s 55-inch curved OLED TV Arrives In Europe For €8,999

Following its availability at several Best Buy locations across the US, LG’s 55-inch curved OLED TV is finally making its way to Europe.

LG Electronics has this week announced the availability of its new LG curved OLED TV to purchase in Europe for €8,999 55EA9800 in Germany. LG is now the first TV manufacturer to bring the new OLED TV technology to European customers.

The new LG curved OLED TV will be sold at select retailers across Germany starting this week and will roll out to other European markets in the fourth quarter of this year.

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Facebook Developing PayPal-Style Mobile Payment Service

It has been reported today that Facebook is currently in the process of developing and testing a new mobile payment system .The service is reportedly very PayPal-like – Facebook users with credit cards on file would just have to log in to make purchases inside of a mobile app. Only the flash sale outlet JackThreads is participating in the test at this stage, and there’s no mention of when the trial period expires. However, a full-fledged launch is potentially a major advantage for the House That Zuck Built. The payment system would give Facebook both a larger foothold in e-commerce and more insight into what members are willing to buy from advertisers.

Facebook claim that the payment system is more of a complement to existing services than a competitor: it would only fill out the forms for another payment provider, including PayPal. They reportedly sees this more as an extension of its advertising system, as it would both speed up sales and let marketers know when their ads are effective.

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Intel announced two new Atom CPUs aimed at smartphones and tablets

In a follow up to their Medfield processor unveiled at CES a few weeks ago, Intel on Monday announced two new Atom chips to its mobile phone chip line-up during the company’s Mobile World Congress press event  in Barcelona.

The Atom Z series, which was unveiled at CES 2012, previously only featured the  Z2460  “Medfield” processor. That was a single-core chip based on the 32nm Penwell architecture famous for powering phones, tablets, low-cost PCs, netbooks and nettops.During this year’s Mobile World Congress, we watched as Orange unveiled the Santa Clara, the first device to sport Intel’s 2GHz  Z2460 “Medfield” processor. The silicon giant has now added two more chips to its line-up, the dual-core Atom Z2580 and a low-cost Z2000.

The Atom Z2580 CPU features two cores (the same Medfield design),and will be equally fast with an Intel Xmm 7160 model, LTE and faster HSPA+ capabilities.

 The company will begin testing both chipsets in the second half of 2012. However, consumer products are unlikely to happen before the first half of 2013 at the earliest .

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